Justin.tv feed

2008-10-07 00:05:46 by weezlpeep

I opened a new channel in justin.tv, in case you wanna watch movies or are interested in chatting for a while I'm there most of the time I'm broadcasting since I'm the host, just go to


I have a nice colleection of movies I share with my friends there, so go ahead and check it out!

New songs won't be coming up in a while, I seem to be stuck in two songs I'm working on and it's musician's block lol....


2008-07-09 20:03:33 by weezlpeep

I got a new job so I'm happy, but at the same time, I'm busy, so don't expect too many new songs this summer... Anyways, after creating the Zelda songs I thought I should do another one of my favorite games' music, I'm starting with Tetris which I had been working on for a while but never quite finished it and then I'm probably going to do some sonic and probably some mario in the end to finish my nintendo/sega interpretation music. After that I'm probably buying a new midi keyboard and doing some of my own work later on this year, anyways, just wanted to let anyone interested know, and please if you have any suggestions don't doubt contacting me! ;)

Summer classes...

2008-06-07 20:21:27 by weezlpeep

welll... here we go again... summer classes start next week and even if I'm learning a lot in college I think I deserve a bigger break, I'm about to collapse lol... Oh well.. new this week is the new Zelda mix song I did.. it never sounded complete but I guess I'll have to stop there... maybe some day I'll make it longer than 6 mins... dunno if anyone will listen to it though. Anyways, the Zelda songs are out so please go check them out I bet you'll enjoy them!

awww crap

2008-05-03 19:03:50 by weezlpeep

I ran for Vice Presidency this week and lost... bummer... saturday...mm... i guess I'll just make up some songs... check them out... I made three today! good day!


2008-03-10 00:42:44 by weezlpeep

I'm really bored today so I've been cooking up some new songs coming out probably next week and then after springbreak, I'll keep you guys posted for new songs... I just finished Castle Madness the full version and posted it yesterday and today I added a videogame song I just made... I'll be going out of town for spring break so if anybody that knows me needs to contact me just send me an e-mail!

It's been a long time

2008-02-27 03:50:20 by weezlpeep

It's been a long time since I've actually been active at newgrounds, all I did was look at the portal every now and then, but never vote and never log in... now I just wanted to put some music up and probably some flashes later... when I have time to correct some lip-synch problems with some of them... for now check out the new songs I've uploaded recently! More to come soon!